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Family Friends of Chesterbrook 

THANK YOU to the 147 Family Friends and 7 Business Friends that generously donated $35,519 to our 2016-2017 Friends of Chesterbrook fund. Friends of Chesterbrook is one of the PTA’s primary means of supporting critical student, school, and enrichment needs in areas not covered through standard school funding.


Donations support the following Chesterbrook PTA programs:

  • Student Support: technology (iPads, laptops), STEM programs, grade-wide grants (GRECO/Colonial Days, Science Fair), field trips, plus, PE, art and music equipment.
  • School Support: staff development, teacher stipends, classroom materials, media center support, and capital expenditures (common area furniture, whiteboards).  
  • Enrichment Programs: cultural arts and science assemblies, family fun events, health/wellness programs, International Night and the Discovery Gardens.


A donation of $100 per family would achieve our 2017-2018 Fundraising goal of $40,000, but your gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated!

Parents & Community Members can make a donation to the Chesterbrook PTA.

Donate by check (mail or Backpack Mail): Use the form below or

Donate by credit card (online):; click “Become a Family Friend.”


Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law. You will receive notification of your charitable donation for tax purposes. Chesterbrook PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID #54-1268479). Contact:

To become a Family Friend, please Join online HERE - OR - Mail a CheckSimply, complete the Friends Agreement and mail it along with your check payable to “Chesterbrook PTA” to the school 1753 Kirby Road McLean, VA 22101 Attn: Friends of Chesterbrook.

To learn more and to become a Family Friend, click here.  If you have questions, contact Lori Boerner and Jen Brandely via email at 

Special Thanks to our Chesterbrook Family Friends (2017-2018)

The Allan Family
The Alalasundaram Family
The Bodner Greenfield Family
The Boehm Family
The Brandely Family
The Brown Family
The Burnison Family
The Clancey Family
The Core Family
The Conver Family
The Crispin Family
The Dalilaltojari Family
The Deng Family
The Easley Family
The Elligers Family
The Faino Family
The Gharakhanian Family
Mary and Keith Gordon
The Greenwood Family
The Grose Family
The Guertin Family
Erin Hammel
The Ho Family
The Hooton Family
The Howley Family
The Imperatore Family
The Jain Family
The Julia Wang Family
The Kennedy Family
The Kulik Breslin Family
The McMahon Family
The McNamara Family
The Nance Family
The Olson/Timmons Family
The Pagan Family
The Pandit Family
The Pedersen Family
The Plerhoples Family
The Rampoldi Family
Joe & Kristi Raymond
The Raymond Family
The Sanders Family
The Smart Family
Jay & Elizabeth Sotos
The Stacy Family
The Summers Family
The Swonger Family
The Tao Family
The Tran-Luu Family
The Unoo Family
The Von Elm Family
The Walby Post Family
The Edward Wang Family
The Ward Family
The Wolbaum Family
Ben and Catherine Wood
The Yu Family




2017-2018 Business Friends